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启领金融(Keylink Financial Solutions Corp) 是在加拿大注册的,专门从事保险,理财,金融投资类别的公司。根据多年经验,并结合各大公司产品优势,为顾客精心打造的最适合于客户自身情况的,优质金融产品。公司服务宗旨:顾客至上。公司提供7*24小时的管家式金融服务,全程协助保险理赔及申诉,旨在为您打造不一样的保险及金融产品的消费体验。

Keylink Financial Solutions Corp (under Sun Life Financial) is a Canadian-registered company specializing in insurance, wealth management, and financial investments. According to many years of experience, and combined with the product advantages of major companies, for customers carefully crafted the most suitable for the customer’s own situation, high-quality financial products. Company’s purpose of service: customer first. The company provides 7 x 24 hours of butler-style financial services, the entire process to assist in insurance claims and complaints, designed to create a different insurance and financial products for you to create a different consumer experience.


 Michael Pat ,毕云龙服务于加拿大最大的金融保险理财公司之一Sunlife超过20年,是行业内的领军人物。作为公司五钻级的理财顾问,永明精英合作伙伴(Ellit partner),总统大奖获得者(President Circle)以及全球百万圆桌(MDRT)的连续多年顶级会员,Michael 不仅业务精湛,有着丰富的理论知识和时间经验,而且一直以来,敬业,真诚,顾客至上,以其最优质的服务理念和态度,赢得客户及同行的一致推崇。自创建Keylink Financial 金融以来,Michael 领导他的精英团队,不断扩大业务范围,满足各个层级华人的投资理财和保险的需求,力求在职业道德,行业规范,专业知识,客户利益和客户服务方面都保持在行业的高水平。

Michael Pat has been a reputed industry leader for more than 20 years serving one of Canada’s largest financial and insurance firms. As a wealth management advisor and elite partner, Michael has been a consistent winner of the Order of Merit Award and a Member of the President’s Circle and MDRT. With decades of experience and rich financial knowledge, Michael strives to create value for his customers.  His character and professionalism garnered unanimous respect from his customers and industry peers. Since creating Keylink Financial Group, Michael has led a dedicated and high-energy team expanding his product line to meet the growing customer needs for sophisticated financial investment and protection tools.

Products and Services/我们的产品及服务:

Travel Insurance /旅游探亲保险

Life Insurance /各类人寿保险

Critical Illness insurance /重大疾病保险

Retirement Pension plan/退休养老保险

Personal Health insurance/个人医疗保险

Group Benefit/公司福利计划

Group Retirement plan/公司退休保障计划


RRSPs /注册个人退休储蓄计划

Tax-Free Savings Account /免税储蓄账户

Mutual Fund Investments /互惠基金投资

Estate and Financial Planning Services/各类遗产及财税规划

Michael Pat

Principle Advisor

Yanyin Chai

Sales Associate Advisor

Ge Shi

Sales Associate Advisor

Xiaojun Feng

Advisor Assistant

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  • 604-800-4684(Vancouver/温哥华)
  • 780-243-6689(Edmoton/埃得蒙顿)




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